As a Presenter

I enjoy teaching and learning and my experiences presenting content to others are always great learning opportunities for me. While much of my work as an instructional designer involves one on one training, I really enjoy my F2F Photoshop classes I teach each semester and the classroom dynamics. I think my presentation style for workshops works well. It tends to be causal and diffuses “computer anxiety” for most participants.

Here is what some have said about my presentations.

“I noticed Todd’s personality immediately and found him to have 3 characteristics almost every good educator aims to hold; he was authentic, passionate and fun.”

“He connected the human element to technology.”

“He was outstanding.. broadbased themes…great questions and perspective on education and the role of technology.”

“Todd provided relevant information and delivered that information at a good pace while reading his audience well. It was a good opening for the day.”

“I enjoyed Todd’s passion for teaching and technology. He gave me food for thought, and is just a wonderful speaker.”