Jing / Screenr

Jing is a FREE tool that allows you to capture what is on your computer screen and “voice over” whatever is being displayed. It is one of many screen capturing tools. Jing works in connection with another FREE tool, Screencast, a website that houses your recordings and allows you to share they or set privacy controls. With any screen capturing software you can go though a web site with your students, give them a tour of your online course, critique a students written work or art, or share how to do something with your class.

There are great video tutorials for both Jing and Screencast available and there are numerous tutorials on the internet. Below is an example of a Jing recording.

You can also purchase Jing Pro and a Sreencast Pro account that allow for more recording time and storage space. Jing Pro also allows you to record your camera so you can add a face to the recording like the one below.

There are other products that do the same thing. Screenr is a product similar to Jing. Below is a Screenr recording.