Using Images

Images do paint a thousand words and you can use your own or images of others. In most LMS you can simply upload images into the environment and away you go. But what if you want to share the images in some other space, or email a group of images to a class? Online photosharing sites are nothing new and offer rich ways to share single images or groups of them.

Google has Picasaweb and using Picasaweb you can create albums that you can display in an LMS or other HTML enviroment. Here is the Getting Started Guide from Picasa Web Albums. The slideshow below is an example of a Picasa Web album.

Below are some of the images I have on Flickr. While these are of my grandmother, they could be used as writing prompts or for images in a short story. Flickr is a simple service to use and you can store many images of content related to your life or your teaching area. Here is the Flickr help guide.